Design & Quality

Design & Quality

The Art of One

At ModTX, our sole focus is on one perfect, timeless design. Our primary collection will never change in terms of aesthetic. It was very important to design a product that was timeless, reliable, and truly universal.


Unlike traditional production techniques, our products use solid metal billet: no molds, castings or hollow casings. Each final product is hand measured and reproduced from a master design template.

All ModTX doorbells are designed, cut, polished, painted and assembled in Texas. There’s no assembly line, each item is individually crafted. You may find light tool marks and small imperfections are present, but not prominent.


Our beliefs are rooted in making practical, durable and quality made products that are made to last.

All products sold from come with a lifetime warranty against defects in material or craftmanship (including environmental rust & corrosion). Read more about our warranty under terms & conditions > warranty.


Raw materials we purchase are sustainably sourced through domestic suppliers when possible. Through our responsible sourcing practices, we acquire from partners who follow socially responsible practices, strict tolerances and purity of material. Our manufacturing shop and fulfillment facility run on 100% renewable energy. We go to great lengths to minimize waste and reduce the use of chemicals in the manufacturing process.

We stand behind the principle of ‘buy it for life’. Buy it for life is about the ethical choice to stop buying products that are designed to fail. Therefore, every panel we craft is internally threaded to allow easy button replacement with any standard 16mm doorbell button. Learn more about replacing a button.

Planned obsolescence is when companies use manufacturing and design tricks to intentionally ensure their products fail faster. Products that are not built to last cause consumers buy replacements sooner, and the companies producing goods make sales more often. This causes millions of products go from stores to landfills in a few short years. This article from Vox explains all the concepts behind planned obsolescence.


Terminals are fabricated in our shop to easily fit universal, low voltage (12-24 volt) doorbell circuits. Each terminal includes a brass screw and lock washer to grip tiny low-voltage wires. Buttons are IP65 rated for outdoor use, and wrapped in a protective polyolefin thermoplastic for maximum life.

Superior Materials

Great care is taken in the sourced materials to render a truly durable final product. All materials are brass, aluminum or highly corrosive-resistant, and the design intends to reduce dissimilar metal corrosion when possible. The corrosion resistance of aluminum is due to its tendency to form an oxide layer over the surface. Flat black selections are further protected from the elements with a baked semi-smooth finish.

Chemical Seal

Upon request, a chemical seal can be applied to any aluminum or copper finish. Normally, a chemical seal is not necessary for these metals except in warm salt water environments, e.g. beachfront properties. You can also achieve this seal at home using ProtectaClear. The easiest method is to apply directly using a silicone glove (no brush and no sponge) -as these will likely introduce dust and contaminates into the finish.

Mounting Power

Screw Mount

The screws provided for mounting are #8 screws approximately 1″ or more in length. All screws are either stainless steel, or black phosphate coated stainless steel and similar in color to the chosen finish. Mounting hardware is proven to perform in high saltwater environments and coastal states.

Clean Mount

Clean mount (non screw) versions include two pre-applied 1″ strips of Scotchâ„¢ 3M extreme outdoor mounting tape. 3M tape is recommended for smooth surfaces in all weather conditions, but holding performance is reduced on porous stone and brick. The surface area of 3M tape on ModTX doorbells is rated for 1lb, and the typical doorbell weight is 3oz. The resulting holding power is more than 5x the necessary holding strength – even in extreme wet or cold environments like Florida or Canada.

Diodes for older Electronic Chimes


In rare instances, a diode may be required for your doorbell system. A diode will ensure that older electronic chime melodies will continue to play through after just one press of the doorbell button. Mechanical chimes and newer electronic chimes will normally not need a diode. Upon request, a diode can be soldered onto the terminals at no charge. On installation, the diode will only work in one direction, so if the LED on the doorbell button does not light on wire contact, just reverse the wires.